Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Numb To Nectar

Today my mother morning is eager to greet me.
Now I’m wrapped inside a ray of soft lavender light.
I could feel the sharp tips of my curly hairs
There is a white spot on my little finger nail
Cream in strawberry shake, I would call it.
The rice pearls on the plate is smiling.
The smell of cucumber is on air.
I now see a white fairy in the blue sky
She is my guardian angel, I would say
To a bunch of old pals lost in sea coast.
I’m brave enough to face the angry sun
To gain an extraordinary shade of darkness
To dye my curls with a golden hue
Your strong hands have set me free
The green in your shirt is my nature
The sparkle in your eyes, my light
But now I’m flying so high
And you seem still!
I fly
And I fly

And you seem still!


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