Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Best Pal’s Murder

My mind still wanders in that old villa
Where I had spend my happy chats and blissful days
There was a spider with his unusual obedience
That danced for my every command.
Mosquitoes were the favorite of his meals
Trapped inside a toilet he could barely see
He enjoyed the wetness of his web kingdom.
I was nude and he didn’t mind.
I was absent and he didn’t complain.
He just listened as an ardent reader
Who fell in love with my verse.
I sang love songs for his delight
And he gazed with his naughty eyes.
Seasons kept changing every minute
Monsoon in morns and autumn in the eve
Morn dews gave diamonds to his web
And eve winds filled up his bowl.
A pair of fangs was his sword of victory
His scuttling walk added charm to his thorn
Until the day that took his life away.
My supreme mother, the homemaker came
With her majestic decision to clean up the mess
A broomstick being her ultimate weapon
She slapped my pal with lighting speed.
I cried, yes I cried with an alibi to,
He saved me from malaria and dengue!!
I said,
And again, I became a piece of art to laugh at.
She murdered my hero without any regret
And I was the so called witness of her crime.
Today to you my reader I open this crime file of secret
To find justice in this land of violence and hatred
But still I shall not see my pal again
Who touched my heart with comfort kisses…
And saved me from a world of loneliness…

 ......................for.... Collins..........

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sometimes when the blue sea is turning black
I see a veiled beauty in her secret attire
Like a majestic queen, her short steps
A hopeless light shines in her brown eyes
But still her smile is sweet as young cherry
Her hair rejoice in its happy waves
Her long hands extends towards the despair me
She smells like me and she is me..
In my strange dreams I walk towards myself
Hoping to see the lost face of my age.

.........for.......... Collins.........