Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Pearl droplets of monsoon lust
Has awaken my soul
Into a new bright morn.
A silver lining has adorn the sky
And the green is so shy to lie.
There is a hopper on my shoulder
Dancing to the tunes of my breath.
A butterfly in my rebel hand
Kissing away nectar sweat.
A silent smile of love has blossomed
To thank the mellow moment.
My soul has designed a new purgatory
To dissolve my sins to peace,
And to romance with my past.
A new rain of rare optimism
Has strengthened my bones.
A vicar is standing beside me
With a bottle of sacred water.
My mind is in a daze
But I could feel their heart.
A dilated pupil and a speechless lip
Did not describe my braveness
For I am not about to die
I had to live
Not for you, but for me.