Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Medusa’s Depression

In the midst of thousand lustful eyes
The emotions took the smell of sea breeze
Sounds were the echoes of agonizing pain
The mere smiles were the reflection of sympathy
Trapped inside the wet walls
The table fan is screaming for aid
My computer is the specimen for postmortem
The only change is the arrival of the prey
A prey qualified for the master’s feast
Checked and brainwashed for the better taste
The strength of the taste is tested
By measuring the heaviness of the wallet
My friends you might wonder
Why Medusa is confessing?
For even Medusa is weak
As Fragile as the prey wrapped inside her hair
The amorous smell within has ceased to spread
And my hands are cold with guilt
My eyes has produced the cheater tears
In this world I lie!
In this world would I die?