Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Pearl droplets of monsoon lust
Has awaken my soul
Into a new bright morn.
A silver lining has adorn the sky
And the green is so shy to lie.
There is a hopper on my shoulder
Dancing to the tunes of my breath.
A butterfly in my rebel hand
Kissing away nectar sweat.
A silent smile of love has blossomed
To thank the mellow moment.
My soul has designed a new purgatory
To dissolve my sins to peace,
And to romance with my past.
A new rain of rare optimism
Has strengthened my bones.
A vicar is standing beside me
With a bottle of sacred water.
My mind is in a daze
But I could feel their heart.
A dilated pupil and a speechless lip
Did not describe my braveness
For I am not about to die
I had to live
Not for you, but for me.


Thursday, February 27, 2014


Bury my face beneath your skin
Lift me up like a night shadow
Above the dimness of moon.
Now the sweat has its dominance
To fly around the walls,
Breath has turned voluntary for life.
To crawl into oneness, now I sigh.
Give me the sparkles in your eyes,
And grab my hands till I die.
Listen to the songs of silent mourns
Trapped inside my bonny ribs.
I am not a warrior from strange land
I am just an old fashioned girl
Trying to live for love.
In a wicked land full of old minds
Two souls meet just to say goodbye!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Numb To Nectar

Today my mother morning is eager to greet me.
Now I’m wrapped inside a ray of soft lavender light.
I could feel the sharp tips of my curly hairs
There is a white spot on my little finger nail
Cream in strawberry shake, I would call it.
The rice pearls on the plate is smiling.
The smell of cucumber is on air.
I now see a white fairy in the blue sky
She is my guardian angel, I would say
To a bunch of old pals lost in sea coast.
I’m brave enough to face the angry sun
To gain an extraordinary shade of darkness
To dye my curls with a golden hue
Your strong hands have set me free
The green in your shirt is my nature
The sparkle in your eyes, my light
But now I’m flying so high
And you seem still!
I fly
And I fly

And you seem still!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

I live

The sparkles on the rough tarred road
And moisture in the thin black air
Dissolved me to a mysterious world of blindness.
The blue clouds that sailed its way to the heaven
And ash moths that danced for a meaningless breeze
Sang a song of love, less heard by me.
In the land where I stand
Where my fellow beings stand
There is less space for a drop of tear.
The giant holes on the road engulf lives
The pistol in the old man’s pocket points to his own son
The great Mother Nature has nothing to wear.
Skin and bones are mere structures to souls
 But here appearance demand priority
Relationships are temporary reasons for existence.

And In this world I live, I live and I live!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Medusa’s Depression

In the midst of thousand lustful eyes
The emotions took the smell of sea breeze
Sounds were the echoes of agonizing pain
The mere smiles were the reflection of sympathy
Trapped inside the wet walls
The table fan is screaming for aid
My computer is the specimen for postmortem
The only change is the arrival of the prey
A prey qualified for the master’s feast
Checked and brainwashed for the better taste
The strength of the taste is tested
By measuring the heaviness of the wallet
My friends you might wonder
Why Medusa is confessing?
For even Medusa is weak
As Fragile as the prey wrapped inside her hair
The amorous smell within has ceased to spread
And my hands are cold with guilt
My eyes has produced the cheater tears
In this world I lie!
In this world would I die?


Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Best Pal’s Murder

My mind still wanders in that old villa
Where I had spend my happy chats and blissful days
There was a spider with his unusual obedience
That danced for my every command.
Mosquitoes were the favorite of his meals
Trapped inside a toilet he could barely see
He enjoyed the wetness of his web kingdom.
I was nude and he didn’t mind.
I was absent and he didn’t complain.
He just listened as an ardent reader
Who fell in love with my verse.
I sang love songs for his delight
And he gazed with his naughty eyes.
Seasons kept changing every minute
Monsoon in morns and autumn in the eve
Morn dews gave diamonds to his web
And eve winds filled up his bowl.
A pair of fangs was his sword of victory
His scuttling walk added charm to his thorn
Until the day that took his life away.
My supreme mother, the homemaker came
With her majestic decision to clean up the mess
A broomstick being her ultimate weapon
She slapped my pal with lighting speed.
I cried, yes I cried with an alibi to,
He saved me from malaria and dengue!!
I said,
And again, I became a piece of art to laugh at.
She murdered my hero without any regret
And I was the so called witness of her crime.
Today to you my reader I open this crime file of secret
To find justice in this land of violence and hatred
But still I shall not see my pal again
Who touched my heart with comfort kisses…
And saved me from a world of loneliness…

 ......................for.... Collins..........

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sometimes when the blue sea is turning black
I see a veiled beauty in her secret attire
Like a majestic queen, her short steps
A hopeless light shines in her brown eyes
But still her smile is sweet as young cherry
Her hair rejoice in its happy waves
Her long hands extends towards the despair me
She smells like me and she is me..
In my strange dreams I walk towards myself
Hoping to see the lost face of my age.

.........for.......... Collins.........

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Disappeared Cycle Magic

Maddy was a keen to be lean cycle guy.
People told that he was seriously sporty.
I called him maddening naughty.
With the zip zap zoom style
He was the master of girls heart. 

We thought that every life race
He would surely face
With might and courage
For he was strong
With nothing wrong.

On that unlucky day
When the sun was bright
The moon without light
He went joyously
To show his unique style
On the great road way.        

He couldn’t see for he was blind
Not by anyone but by his fashion
Time’s fashions always befool a man!
Unable to recognize the very sex
Long shampooed hair flew and ran
Into his eyes, into his mouth.
That leopard lorry
Came roaring in
Poor maddy went into its mouth
Maddy unable to say even a sorry
Took his last and final breath.

Maddy a martyr for time’s fashion!
Lived in extraordinary fashion
Died in poor old fashion


Friday, March 2, 2012


Man afraid of reality
closes his inner eyes.
Fooled by inner blindness
he forgets his very life
his very humanness.
And leads his luxury life
but not fulfilled
not done,not completed
even the very half
value of his life
Gets graduated in the man-made educations
but doesn't know the value of life
doesn't know the secret of it.
Goes to open every library books
but never open inner eyes book
which stays within him
To seek liberation it cries
To see the world it tries
But man close it
Shut it
Cover it
Till his very death
Till his very end.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mother-God's Gift

you made me what i am
cared and blessed without any harm
God had sent you to this place
to accept his glorifull phase.

No one can win your position of patience
expect the son of heaven's mansions
your hands has learned the aim of nature
and lips has turned to a peace messenger.

Nothing remains in this world
to describe your endless grace
for from you comes all race
and from you they are mould.

A man without you cant succeed
even if his longevity leads
for even my savior Lord
bore in his mind that word....


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old age

My day is long
My dreams are gone
faraway from the days of today
leaving behind my old age way.
Only that bony structure remains.
With loose epiiithelia once rigid
i became bougainvillea
searching for support and aid
That roguish stick,oh it humiliates
it points out my weakness and languid.
my lanky hair and misted eyes
says that it's time to close the lid.
Now a carriage for lots of blight
with energy oil as plight!
No one to hear my voice.
Only to disturb with loud noise
about man made legacy
I stay within the four walls
unable to see
unable to breath
unable to hear
the very nature treasure
and think about heavenly pleasure.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ahead towards the ray

Pale,lovely white leafs of pleasure
gave me an endless life measure
to enjoy the beauty of nature
and to praise my beloved creator
for the enchanting beauty it had
which made my soul mad.

Tender beauty from youth to old
surpassing all the mist and cold
wind and rain,hot and evil hands
of mighty creatures and mighty men
from days to the morning of today
keeping the secret charm ahead towards the ray.