Wednesday, July 13, 2011

That lady in the bus

I got inside a busy bus
crowed with crowned creatures
hot and rot air made me sick
suddenly!i heard a child's cry
and turned and saw a beauty
with an angel in arms.

Her face was full of radiant shine
with a glossy lips like ruddy wine
and her hair which flew in the air
gave an aroma of wild fruits.
i gazed at her charm for a while
and went to a wonder land of thoughts.

travel thoughts always entertain
as they cover all travel stain
by pouring it's magical spells
to all magnificent ranges of vision.
and my thoughts tookup that beauty
as a wonderful element in reality.

thoughts ran and crawled in mind
like a thread which couldnot be wind.
her age!younger to become a mother
her own child?yes the resemblance
but why isn't any calming voice
coming to console her child in the noise??

like the lighting , the gaint shout
of the fees fetcher came
to make all other noises out.
"dont  you have tongue?stop the child's cry!"
silence...with tearful eyes she moved
her hands to express , to try.

the beautiful had no sound!
her emotion,her passion
only the searcher of heart knows!
everymere humans ignore and goes
to worship the same searcher
who knows everything , everything.



  1. realize the heart.... ur thoughts always prove the love in ur heart.....